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W-Cycle replaces plastic packaging with food waste

Sugarcane waste-based durable packaging is plastic-free and fully compostable W-Cycle, an Israeli foodtech startup has developed SupraPulp™, plastic-free packaging made of sugarcane waste that is fully compostable, safe, yet durable enough to be used for greasy, wet, or hot food. Packaged food with SupraPulp can be frozen and heated with[Read More…]

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Fonterra Australia strengthens cheese business

Signed an agreement to purchase Dairy Country Fonterra Australia has signed an agreement to purchase Dairy Country to help drive efficiencies in its leading Australian cheese business. The acquisition will support Fonterra’s core strengths in the AU$2.6 billion Australian retail cheese category, where it holds a 23 per cent market share with key brands including Perfect Italiano™, Mainland™[Read More…]

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Korea publicly lists functional ingredient for bone health

A recent study confirmed that the test group administered with ginseng extracts demonstrated 11.6 times higher osteocalcin (bone structure markers) and 3 times higher increase in calcium concentration than the control group did. The Korea Ginseng Association announced that Korean ginseng is registered as a ’publicly listed functional ingredient for[Read More…]

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Seragon unveils most advanced anti-aging nutraceutical

RESTORIN™ is the first nutraceutical supplement in Seragon’s pipeline Seragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in the US, has announced the release of RESTORIN™, an advanced daily supplement for healthy aging at Lifestyle Expo Tokyo. RESTORIN™ is a controlled-release NMN supplement with senolytic enhancement. The novel product utilizes a proprietary form of NMN to[Read More…]

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