Tackling Singapore’s Food Security: Serving up Solutions for 2023

Achieving food security requires a whole-of-industry approach During the Singapore Budget 2023 announcement, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong highlighted the importance of building a more resilient Singapore. From ensuring that supermarket shelves were well-stocked during the height of the pandemic to securing ample stock of frozen chicken during the Malaysia chicken[Read More…]

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International Experts Recommend Nuts and Dried Fruits as Part of a Healthy Diet

The International Nut and Dried Fruit Council hosted a historic meeting of global health researchers, where diabetes was defined as a key topic for investigation The world’s leading researchers gathered for NUTS 2022 to discuss the current and future of health research on nuts and dried fruits. NUTS 2022 was[Read More…]

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Angel Yeast Announces to Promote Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture on the World Food Day

Angel Yeast, the world’s leading yeast manufacturer, has announced it aims to play a larger role in increasing people’s access to nutritious food, and making food systems more inclusive and sustainable Factors such as the ongoing pandemic, climate change, rising food prices and international tensions have been affecting global food[Read More…]

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