Oterra picks Brenntag Nutrition as exclusive distribution partner in Australia

Meeting the growing demand for natural and clean-label ingredients Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has announced the expansion of the distribution agreement with Oterra to include Australia, in addition to Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Oterra is the world’s leading supplier of natural food[Read More…]

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World-first trial highlighting link between alcohol and breast cancer

To increase alcohol literacy and address harmful consumption among midlife and older aged women Monash University, Turning Point and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) in Australia have developed a successful alcohol intervention for women attending breast screening appointments, as part of a world-first trial. Alcohol is a major modifiable risk factor[Read More…]

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InsideOut Institute’s $8 M funding enhances support for eating disorders in Australia

Two $4 million grants from the Australian Government to support digital initiatives The Australian Government has funded the InsideOut Institute’s award-winning eClinic and Digital GP Hub which aim to improve outcomes for those living with an eating disorder. The InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders is a collaboration between the Sydney Local Health[Read More…]

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Australia uses mushrooms for developing sustainable solution to plastics

Mushroom derived material emerging as alternative to plastics Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia have developed a biological growing process that uses mushrooms to turn organic waste into compostable products as a low-cost, sustainable solution to plastics. Their work presents an approach for growing sustainable myco-materials – a mixture[Read More…]

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Indonesian premium chocolate makers eye Australian market

Pipiltin Cocoa and Katalis will work together to identify and promote market opportunities for Indonesian premium cocoa businesses Sweet opportunities for the Indonesian premium chocolate industry abound under a new partnership between Jakarta-based fine chocolate manufacturer Pipiltin Cocoa and Katalis, a business development programme backed by the Australian and Indonesian governments. Pipiltin Cocoa will[Read More…]

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Japanese F&B giant Kirin Holdings buys Australian brand Blackmores for A$1.8 billion

Blackmores directors have unanimously recommended shareholders vote in favour of the scheme Japanese food and beverages (F&B) giant Kirin Holdings Company is acquiring Australian-listed healthcare company Blackmores at a cost of A$1.8 billion. Kirin and Blackmores have entered a Scheme Implementation Deed with Kirin offering A$95 per share for the[Read More…]

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Australia raises concern about chemicals in compostable food containers

To ensure the safe and sustainable use and disposal of compostable food packaging in Australia University of Queensland (UQ) researchers in Australia are analysing compostable takeaway food packaging for potentially polluting chemicals. Associate Professor Sarit Kaserzon from UQ’s Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS) said little is known about the substances used[Read More…]

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