Ubiquity Sprouting Corporation announces peanut sprout growing facility in Taiwan

This innovative facility operates with minimal energy, using only water for cultivation Ubiquity Sprouting Corporation (USC) pioneers Sustainable Peanut Sprout Cultivation with a Groundbreaking Facility in Taiwan. USC announced the opening of a groundbreaking facility in Taiwan focused on producing peanut sprouts, with an impressive daily output of 1,000 kilograms. USC aims to lead the[Read More…]

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Taiwan’s TSENG’S Tea first to achieve anti additive clean label certification

This certification emphasises the commitment to maintaining tea purity and quality by refraining from the use of flavour enhancers, bleaching agents, quality-improving agents, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, and preservatives throughout the production process TSENG’S Tea, a prominent tea brand of TSENG’S TEA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO, Ltd. from Taiwan, has recently been awarded the prestigious Anti Additive[Read More…]

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Taiwan-BioActive Lipid redefines functional food landscape with Lipid Nanoparticles

The company has launched a paradigm-shifting product line, leveraging advanced knowledge in lipidomics to craft nanoparticles capable of transporting an assortment of lipids, including phospholipids, ceramides, and neutral lipids Taiwan’s Lipid Encapsulation and Analysis Corporation has harnessed the potential of Lipid Encapsulated Technology to unveil a revolutionary product line. Introducing nano-sized[Read More…]

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Singapore’s LEVELUP Climate Tech partners with Dr David Willer to advance development of LEVELUP impact

The partnership between LEVELUP and Dr David Willer is driven by a shared commitment to addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time Singapore-based, LEVELUP Climate Tech Pte. Ltd. has announced a partnership with Dr David Willer of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge). This partnership represents a notable achievement in the progression of the LEVELUP Impact;[Read More…]

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Taiwan’s tea brand, Guiji, launches first overseas franchisee in Los Angeles 

Guiji plans to adjust its beverage menu, infusing local fruits and tea leaves to cater to Los Angeles’ diverse preferences while maintaining its brand’s uniqueness and innovation Guiji, Taiwan’s premier bubble tea and fruit tea brand, renowned for its unique fruit-infused teas and high-quality ingredients, is embarking on its international expansion, with Los Angeles as its[Read More…]

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Japan’s luxury beer ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE available in Taiwan

ROCOCO is now available at more than 15 of the 44 restaurants in Taiwan that were awarded Michelin stars in the 2023 Michelin Guide ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE, Japan’s First Luxury Beer, has officially launched in Taiwan. This second international launch marks an exciting milestone for the brand following its launch in Singapore in 2022. ROCOCO is now available[Read More…]

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