Interpret Taiwan’s Heritage and Memory with the Tip of the Tongue: Fujian Cuisine and Hakka cuisine

Taiwan has been a place with diversified ethnicity and integrated culture. Chenggong Zheng reclaimed Taiwan during the Ming and Qing dynasties, many Hakkas and Fujian people from eastern Guangdong, Chaozhou and Western Fujian Tingzhou came to settle there with the army, who also brought their eating habits to Taiwan. Over the years, the current Fujian cuisine and Hakka cuisine[Read More…]

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Hwa Nan Food Leads the Way with Healthy Pre-packaged Food Options for APAC Market

Hwa Nan Food Industrial Co. Ltd (Hwa Nan Food), a leading expert in Taiwanese pre-packaged food and import-export-trading company, continues to push for healthier options for consumers with its low-sodium, low-sugar, and low-fat vegetable-based products. As opposed to the usual notion that pre-packaged food remains an unhealthy option for consumers due to the[Read More…]

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SOYE Foods Targets US Market with Healthy & Artisanal Taiwan-Sourced Pre-Packaged Products

SOYE FOOD CO. LTD (SOYE Foods), a fast-growing manufacturer of pre-packaged food products, announced plans to expand the US market’s access to its healthy, artisanal pre-packaged foods and beverages, which are sourced transparently from local farmer’s associations. customers around the world are taking a keener interest in their food choices and[Read More…]

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Tachiz Group-Bringing Delicious and High Quality Customizable Popping Boba to The World

Tachiz Group takes pride in using selected natural ingredients and its rigorous testing process to ensure the highest quality of its popping boba before reaching the stores. Specializing in producing the fun and tasty popping boba, liquid-filled bubbles of fruit-flavored juices bursting with deliciousness, Tachiz Group is excited to bring[Read More…]

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Taiwan’s Anyong Biotechnology First to Employ Seafood Stem-Cell Freezing Technology in Asia

Technology generates a special magnetic field around the fresh food that comprises a mix of pulsed magnetic fields, low-frequency waves, and several other types of weak energy, causing water molecules within to vibrate. Anyong Biotechnology, the world-class aquatic food processing company based in Taiwan, is now the first company in the[Read More…]

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TFDA Organized “2022 APEC Online Communication Platform for Testing Techniques for food pesticide residue workshop”

The TFDA has invited officials and experts from five countries such as Canada, Peru, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam to be speakers in this workshop. A total of about 150 domestic and international experts from official agencies participate in the workshop. For the sake of public safety on food, the Taiwan[Read More…]

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