Japan’s Dr. Foods develops top delicacies with plant-based

The company believes that the Top 3 plant-based delicacies are products that can be offered to hotels and restaurants around the world A Japanese food tech venture company Dr. Foods Co., Ltd. developed and started selling VEGAN FOIE GRAS, VEGAN CAVIAR and, finally VEGAN TRUFFLE BUTTER is ready for B-to-B distribution in Japan and beyond. VEGAN FOIE GRAS and VEGAN[Read More…]

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Japan to expand export of scallops

The scallops produced in Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, and Miyagi are particularly desirable, as the local ocean currents provide highly rich nutrients, resulting in one of the world’s largest scallop landings The Japan Scallop Export Promotion Association (J-HOTATE Association) is on a mission to expand the export of Japanese scallops. To[Read More…]

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