Inspire Healthcare & Toei Shinyaku unveil supplement for immunity and cancer management

The supplement is available in both granule and tablet forms Inspire Healthcare, a Singaporean healthcare and biotech startup, has teamed up with Toei Shinyaku to unveil a new supplement specifically formulated to boost immunity and as a complement in cancer management. The supplement, ‘King Agaricus 100’, is the result of extensive research and development[Read More…]

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Japanese F&B giant Kirin Holdings buys Australian brand Blackmores for A$1.8 billion

Blackmores directors have unanimously recommended shareholders vote in favour of the scheme Japanese food and beverages (F&B) giant Kirin Holdings Company is acquiring Australian-listed healthcare company Blackmores at a cost of A$1.8 billion. Kirin and Blackmores have entered a Scheme Implementation Deed with Kirin offering A$95 per share for the[Read More…]

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Japan reports mechanisms of bacteria-derived fibres in supporting gut health, preventing obesity

Researchers show that exopolysaccharide, a bacteria-derived prebiotic has many health-related benefits In a study recently published in the journal Gut Microbes, researchers from Kyoto University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Noster Inc. in Japan, report the mechanisms of bacteria-derived fibres in supporting gut health and metabolism and preventing obesity. Probiotic foods such[Read More…]

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Japan establishes future creation consortium for cultured meat

Contribute to solving environmental and food problems, improving people’s health, and proposing future foods The Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Shimadzu Corporation, Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc., Toppan Inc., and SIGMAXYZ Inc. have established “the future creation consortium for cultured meat.” The consortium focuses on concrete initiatives for practical implementation[Read More…]

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Japan’s Sea Vegetable Company unlocks applications of seaweed as food ingredient

Sea Vegetable has succeeded in crossing seaweed and fermentation to create seaweed kombucha Sea Vegetable Company, a startup culturing seaweed in Aki, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, has announced the launch of Re-seaweed brand and will release its product “Aonori Shoyu” (seaweed sauce) on March 20 simultaneously in Japan and overseas. Re-seaweed is the brand name of[Read More…]

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Japan-based NEXT MEATS aims to distribute alternative meat products in EU in mid-2023

Continues to develop new products and grow business both in Japan and around the world, focusing on Southeast Asia NEXT MEATS, a Japanese subsidiary of NEXT MEATS Holdings, Inc.- a Tokyo based food-tech venture company which is the inventor of the newest Non-GMO soybean protein based alternative meats product named “Next Short Rib 2.0”, collaborated with the most prominent fresh[Read More…]

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Next Meats focuses on delivering the best-tasting plant-based products to ensure a better future in Tokyo

In 2023, Next Meats Co., Ltd. and group company Dr. Foods Co., Ltd. Launched Vegan Foie Gras, Vegan Caviar, and shelf stable Next Meats products to the plant-based markets in North America. NEXT MEATS Co., Ltd. a Japanese subsidiary of NEXT MEATS Holdings, Inc. is Tokyo based food-tech venture company that has devoted[Read More…]

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Dr. Foods, Inc. and ImpacFat Pte. Ltd. announced their collaboration to advance development of alternative protein products in Japan and Singapore. 

Next Meats is a food-tech venture company based in Tokyo that specialises in the R&D of alternative meat products, with a strong focus on sustainability. The significance of this collaboration lies in the fact that their combined expertise will propel the speedy development of Next Meats’ next generation of products such as[Read More…]

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