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Healthifyme expands in Singapore and Malaysia

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HealthifyMe has grown its user base to 500,000 in both countries within 1.5 years and plans to quadruple this number by 2022, seeking to expand to Indonesia, Australia and the Middle East

HealthifyMe, one of Asia’s largest and fastest growing healthcare start-ups, is seeking to tap into the health-conscious consumer segment as part of its continued expansion in Singapore, Malaysia and other markets, amid changing needs and lifestyles influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

HealthifyMe is a one-stop digital health and fitness platform that provides personalised solutions to help users achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. It offers localised health content, calorie tracking, meal plans, fitness workouts and health advice – all of which are powered by a team of online nutritionists, personal trainers, and an artificial intelligence fitness coach. 

The company adopts a holistic approach to health and wellness, accounting for nutrition and a balanced diet, rather than just exercise, to lead a healthy lifestyle. It has developed scientifically proven programmes which factor in one’s calorie intake and the right physical regime to achieve one’s fitness goals, including successful weight loss and diabetes management programmes.

The company launched in Singapore, where it is now headquartered, and Malaysia, in late 2018. The platform now has a user base of 500,000 in both countries and over 40 dieticians and personal trainers. HealthifyMe plans to quadruple its user base to two million people within the next two years and to employ 150 dieticians and personal trainers by 2022.

Besides targeting individuals, the start-up intends to partner companies to launch corporate health and wellness programmes for their employees.

HealthifyMe is also planning to expand reach to Indonesia, Australia and the Middle East within the next two years. It is also exploring Western markets such as the UK, the US and Canada.

HealthifyMe was founded eight years ago in Bangalore, India, and now has over 20 million downloads worldwide. It has received over US$35 million in funding from leading venture capital firms such as IDG, Inventus, Sistema, Samsung NEXT and Blume.

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