Rescence Laboratory launches EYE Optima eye anti-ageing supplement

This groundbreaking supplement combines extensively researched AREDS2 formula from the West with the latest clinical findings on the reversal of presbyopia using time-tested traditional Chinese medicine ingredients from the East Rescence Laboratory, a leading longevity supplement provider in Hong Kong, announced the launch of Rescence EYE Optima, a revolutionary eye[Read More…]

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Bare Food Global lunches Meatless Mondays in schools in UAE

The Meatless Mondays initiative also includes educational components such as guest speakers, nutritional lessons, and discussions on sustainability, further engaging students in the importance of mindful eating Bare Food Global, a pioneer in promoting health and environmental stewardship, is introducing the Meatless Mondays initiative in 20 schools across the UAE, seven of[Read More…]

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MigraKet brings first medical food for migraine 

MigraKet is the first holistic medical food formulation for the management of a potential root cause of migraine International wellness brand Brain Ritual is launching MigraKet, a revolutionary approach to migraine management developed by renowned neuroscientist and former chronic migraineur, Elena Gross, PhD. With the U.S. release of MigraKet, sufferers of migraine can[Read More…]

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NuBest Nutrition expands to South Korea 

NuBest introduces a collection of Adult Health and Beauty products tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers NuBest Nutrition announces its global expansion into South Korea through a strategic partnership with Coupang Co., Ltd., the country’s largest online retailer. This milestone marks the introduction of NuBest supplements to the most vibrant market[Read More…]

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AstroZhi unveils dietary supplements for long-COVID syndrome

The products are readily accessible throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe AstroZhi, a pioneer in scientific research-backed dietary supplements, has announced a groundbreaking development in healthcare with the introduction of specialised products aimed at aiding in the recovery from long-COVID syndrome. This long-anticipated move positions AstroZhi at the forefront of innovation in[Read More…]

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