Kantar reveals top growing food brands in Malaysia


To beyond the COVID-19 crisis, brands need to adapt on Right Channel Focus

Kantar, the world’s leading evidence-based insights and consulting company, reveals “Malaysia Brand Footprint 2020”, the brand ranking that consumers “Choose to buy the most” and “top growing” among FMCG products in the categories of Dairy, Food, Beverages, Health & Beauty and Home Care. Analyzed by the Consumer Reach Points (CRPs) exclusive from Kantar to reflect which brands win the “Moment of Truth” among 508 brands and cover consumers throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Most Chosen Brands in Malaysia

  1. Dairy – Milo – 31 million times
  2. Food – Maggi – 44 million times
  3. Beverage – Nescafé – 10 million times
  4. Health & Beauty – Colgate – 14 million times
  5. Home Care – Top – 10 million times

Top Growing Brands in Malaysia

  1. Dairy – Goodday – grew 2 million times
  2. Food – Adabi – grew 3 million times
  3. Beverage – Lipton – grew 1 million times
  4. Health & Beauty – Kotex – grew 1 million times
  5. Home Care – Daia – grew 1 million timesv

Howard Chang, Managing Director of Malaysia and Thailand, Kantar (Worldpanel Division) said,

“Household FMCG spend in Malaysia has been stagnant for the past several years. In 2019, there was only 1% more CRP compared with a year ago. About half of the brands in Malaysia gained more consumer decisions, while the remaining half got less.

The top 10 brands in Malaysia have a slight leading edge to win more consumer choices; however, we also see an example of a smaller brand that could gain almost 60% CRP and moved up 25 in the Brand Footprint ranking. We featured their success stories in hope to identify insights that we can all learn from.”

Chivanon Piyaphitakskul, Marketing Manager of Malaysia and Thailand, Kantar (Worldpanel Division) added,

“With the major impact of COVID-19, the growth will be even more challenging for some FMCG categories moving forward, hence, a deep understanding of the consumer mind set and a tailored strategy across channels and segments will be key to success. Understanding who your shoppers are, as well as how and when they shop and use your products, is more important now than ever, as this behavior forms the basis of new-norm post COVID-19.

To beyond the COVID-19 crisis, brands need to adapt on Right Channel Focus – with the change in shoppers’ purchase habits, priority should be given to the winning channels, Strengthen Value Proposition – key messages and media channels are even more critical, and Ensure Repeat Purchase – trial generation will be key for all brands, but it will be important to know how to retain your shoppers.”

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