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Inspire Healthcare & Toei Shinyaku unveil supplement for immunity and cancer management

The supplement is available in both granule and tablet forms

Inspire Healthcare, a Singaporean healthcare and biotech startup, has teamed up with Toei Shinyaku to unveil a new supplement specifically formulated to boost immunity and as a complement in cancer management. The supplement, ‘King Agaricus 100’, is the result of extensive research and development of the KA21 strain of the Agaricus blazei mushroom.

Toei Shinyaku, a Japanese manufacturer specialising in Agaricus KA21, has conducted over 25 years of extensive research on the Agaricus blazei mushroom species cultivated in Brazil, which has traditionally been used to treat a range of common diseases, including cancer. Through their research, they discovered the KA21 strain, which is cultivated outdoors under direct sunlight and is notably larger than other Agaricus blazei strains.

The KA21 strain has been the subject of 32 international research studies that support its unique benefits. The strain has been shown to be effective in boosting immunity and is used as an adjunct to cancer management. Additionally, several studies have demonstrated that the KA21 strain is capable of reducing the side effects of chemotherapy, protecting the liver and heart, managing diabetes and hypertension, and improving the effects of fatty liver disease.

Agaricus blazei KA21 contains higher levels of beta glucan and Vitamin D than regular strains, with also significantly higher levels of minerals such as calcium, iron, selenium, copper, and B1 vitamins,” said Akitomo Motoi, President of Toei Shinyaku.

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