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From Saudi, Qatar to China and Australia countries ring in new codes for food safety

These standards not only guide the development of laws and regulations but also inform various measures aimed at upholding the highest quality standards and ensuring the safety of food for consumption Food standards are vital for ensuring the safety and quality of the food supply chain from production to consumption.[Read More…]

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EU-Thailand FTA incorporates measures to improve sustainability of seafood: MAC

The main product imported into the EU from Thailand is prepared and preserved fish, of which canned and preserved tuna represents the majority of the volume The Market Advisory Council (MAC) provided recommendations to the European Commission concerning the ongoing negotiations for an EU-Thailand Free Trade Agreement, which was relaunched last year.   In a[Read More…]

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Oterra unveils simply brown range clean-label caramel replacement

Oterra’s Simply Brown range meets clean label requirements by being able to list the colours on packaging as ‘Apple concentrate’ in the EU or ‘Fruit juice (colour)’ in the US Oterra, the world’s leading supplier of natural colours for food and beverage, is pleased to announce the immediate launch of its groundbreaking Simply Brown range. Expertly[Read More…]

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