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Bonerge launches Dihydroberberine ingredient for metabolic health supplements

Dihydroberberine, GlucoVest’s active component, is a Berberine derivative with similar benefits Bonerge Lifesience announced the launch of its new branded ingredient, GlucoVest, designed to support blood sugar and lipid metabolism as well as weight management. As Berberine and its so-called “natural Ozempic” gain viral popularity on TikTok, many supplement brands[Read More…]

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Indian startup Genefitletics launches Asia’s first precision ingredient formula

The company plans to start making & shipping the precision formula from next month onwards Genefitletics, India’s first direct to consumer microbiome company, is launching Asia’s first & only precision formula engineered for an individual’s unique biology. The precision supplements covering vitamins, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, food extracts, prebiotics will[Read More…]

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Israel-based startup Gavan Technologies introduces alternative protein-enriched fat ingredient

Gavan is promoting FaTRIX’s potential as a butter replacer for the bakery industry Food tech startup Gavan Technologies leverages its no-waste protein extraction platform to deliver FaTRIX, a leading-edge alternative fat solution. FaTRIX offers a series of high-performance, protein-based fat substitutes that serve as excellent alternatives to butter and other[Read More…]

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Oterra picks Brenntag Nutrition as exclusive distribution partner in Australia

Meeting the growing demand for natural and clean-label ingredients Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has announced the expansion of the distribution agreement with Oterra to include Australia, in addition to Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Oterra is the world’s leading supplier of natural food[Read More…]

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Yili invests $42.58 M into new lactoferrin plant in New Zealand

Lactoferrin is a crucial and scarce resource for the dairy industry Yili’s subsidiary Westland Milk Products recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of its NZD 70 million ($42.58 million) lactoferrin plant at Hokitika, New Zealand. The ceremony was attended by New Zealand’s Trade, Export and Agriculture Minister and MP for West-Coast Tasman, Damien O’Connor;[Read More…]

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