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Agri-Neo and BCFoods announce partnership to advance food safety in China

Neo-Pure organic pasteurisation will ensure the food safety of BCFoods’ dehydrated vegetables and spices, starting with dehydrated onions Agri-Neo, a leader in pasteurisation of low-moisture foods, is pleased to announce its partnership with BCFoods, a global leader in the industrial ingredient category. BCFoods plans to implement the Neo-Pure pasteurisation system[Read More…]

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China’s Changyu brand challenges Moët & Chandon for valuable wine brand

The Brand Finance Alcoholic Drinks 2023 report, which provides an annual evaluation of the most valuable and strongest alcoholic drink brands, has revealed that Moët & Chandon has maintained its position as the world’s most valuable wine brand Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, China’s largest winery, is now a major contender[Read More…]

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Japan’s seafood exports to China tumbles by 33% in July due to radioactivity inspections

China has implemented stricter radioactivity inspections of Japanese seafood and banned imports of fresh fish from Japan since July China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson strongly urged Japan to cancel its plan to release nuclear-contaminated water into the sea and dispose of it responsibly. The statement was made in Beijing. China has[Read More…]

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China’s Jimi Biotech develops world’s first deer antler stem cell line

Deer antlers hold significant cultural and dietary importance in China and other Asian countries, where they are revered as premium health products China’s cellular agriculture company, Jimi Biotech, has developed the world’s first deer antler stem cell line, making Jimi Biotech the first company globally capable of mass-producing deer antler[Read More…]

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