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Umami Meats announces collaboration with Waters Corporation for Sustainable Food Research

Umami Meats is a Singapore-based food-tech startup that is cultivating premium fish that are on the IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List, unsuitable for farming, and are endangered due to growing human consumption. Umami Meats announced a research collaboration with food and nutrition scientists at Waters Corporation to develop[Read More…]

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Sophie’s BioNutrients Debuts Chlorella Ice Cream to Storm the Vegan Ice Cream Industry

Sophie’s BioNutrients introduces sustainable and nutritious ice cream with double the action for the sweet tooth.  Sophie’s BioNutrients, a next-generation sustainable urban food production technology company, together with Danish Technological Institute (DTI), a green solutions facilitator in Denmark, collaborated to produce its first chlorella-based ice cream, made from Sophie’s BioNutrients dairy-free[Read More…]

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ROHA dive Into the World of Authentic Italian Dehydrated Ingredients

ROHA’s range of Newfoods ingredients have gained recognition on a global level for providing the food market with supreme products. The varied lifestyles and time constraints have forced people into “saving” time and assuming that cooking is “time-consuming”. This has led many into believing that quick foods and ready-to-eat items are efficient. Here[Read More…]

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Shandi Global is proud to announce its launch and the opening of Singapore’s largest plant-based chicken manufacturing facility 

Shandi produces plant-based chicken products in various formats such as patties, pieces, shreds, strips, and drumsticks. Shandi which means “because we care in Hebrew”, was founded on the premise of creating truly sustainable, affordable, nutritious meat alternatives that could benefit millions, if not billions. The reality of a global food[Read More…]

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SOYE Foods Targets US Market with Healthy & Artisanal Taiwan-Sourced Pre-Packaged Products

SOYE FOOD CO. LTD (SOYE Foods), a fast-growing manufacturer of pre-packaged food products, announced plans to expand the US market’s access to its healthy, artisanal pre-packaged foods and beverages, which are sourced transparently from local farmer’s associations. customers around the world are taking a keener interest in their food choices and[Read More…]

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Nutreco invests in biotech firm Roslin Technologies Limited

The supply of cell lines is expected to be a bottleneck in the growth of cultivated protein, Roslin Tech offers a critical solution for building Nutreco’s potential future “cell feed” proposition. Nutreco announced it has taken a minority share in Scotland-based Roslin Technologies Limited (“Roslin Tech”) in the company’s recently[Read More…]

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Tachiz Group-Bringing Delicious and High Quality Customizable Popping Boba to The World

Tachiz Group takes pride in using selected natural ingredients and its rigorous testing process to ensure the highest quality of its popping boba before reaching the stores. Specializing in producing the fun and tasty popping boba, liquid-filled bubbles of fruit-flavored juices bursting with deliciousness, Tachiz Group is excited to bring[Read More…]

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Yum China Reports Third Quarter 2022 Results 

Yum China Holdings, Inc. reported unaudited results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2022. Total Revenues grew 5%; System Sales grew 5% in constant currency, despite temporary closuresDelivered $316 million Operating Profit, representing 77% growth, through strong execution Opened 621 net new stores year-to-date, on track to meet full-year net new store target[Read More…]

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