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Wicked Kitchen joins hands with Ahimsa Companies

Brand consolidation strategy to propel plant-based CPGs & support category growth, greater accessibility

Wicked Kitchen, a plant-based global food brand offering a range of chef-created foods, and its associated brands, Good Catch and Current Foods, have joined the Ahimsa Companies. Wicked Kitchen is the latest cutting-edge plant-based company to be brought under Ahimsa.

With a mission to remove animals from the global food system, Ahimsa Companies is leading an industry-wide consolidation effort generating opportunities for vertical integration and scale.

“Wicked Kitchen is proud to join the Ahimsa Companies,” said Pete Speranza, CEO, of Wicked Kitchen. “We are aligned in our mission, and we believe that Wicked Kitchen is stronger today and better positioned to serve the health and environmentally conscious consumer who does not want to sacrifice on taste or convenience.”

With crowded product categories and a downturn in investment funding over the last two years, industry leaders have cited consolidation – uniting brands to leverage collective strengths – as critical to the growth and success of the plant-based food sector.

Multiple additional brands, as well as manufacturing and sales enablement businesses, are targeted to be acquired under Ahimsa Companies shortly. Matt Tullman, Group CEO, of Ahimsa Companies, says the goal will be to vertically integrate and leverage resources to build momentum.

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