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Pantheon Lab powers KFC Taiwan’s AI intern Kala 

A bold leap forward pioneering the future of customer service with cutting-edge Generative AI technology

Pantheon Lab Limited, a pioneering force in the generative AI space, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with KFC Taiwan in launching “Kala”, an AI-powered intern, at the forefront of KFC Taiwan’s “Digital Future Store 2.0”. This ground-breaking initiative signifies a monumental step in redefining the customer service landscape through innovative AI technology. Kala’s appearance, generated from photographs of KFC Taiwan’s 400 employees, makes her a true representation of the KFC Taiwan family, elevating the brand’s friendly service and warm hospitality to new heights.

Developed by Pantheon Lab, Kala represents a significant advancement in utilising Generative AI to cater to the dynamic demands of the hospitality industry. Kala is designed to communicate with precision and empathy, mirroring the natural rhythms of human speech, lip-sync, and gestures, thereby enhancing the customer service experience. Kala is engineered to assist customers throughout the ordering process, enabling them to make selections independently. While this initiative currently enhances the customer ordering experience, it sets the stage for a future where fully autonomous and contactless dining becomes the norm, heralding a new era of intelligent ordering within the fast-food sector. The goal is to augment Kala’s functionalities by adding a direct ordering system, aiming to refine customer interactions with unparalleled efficiency and genuine warmth, ultimately leading towards the vision of a seamless contactless dining future.

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