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Ayana Bio and Wooree Green Science partner to develop plant-cell-derived saffron

New 7-figure joint development agreement will overcome agricultural supply chain constraints and make key ingredients more accessible Ayana Bio, the plant cell technology company dedicated to creating sustainable bioactive for consumer products, announced a seven-figure joint development agreement with Wooree Green Science, a subsidiary of Wooree Bio, to develop plant cell-derived saffron[Read More…]

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Israel’s Steakholder Foods adds plant-based shrimps to range of 3D-printed seafood

Shrimp analogue is the latest in a growing range of proprietary printer capabilities; has the potential to reshape the $68 billion shrimp industry Israel’s Steakholder Foods Ltd., a leader in cultivated meat and 3D bioprinting technology, announced that it has further expanded its 3D-printing capabilities with the world’s first plant-based, 3D-printed shrimps,[Read More…]

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Doritos Silent brings crunch-cancellation technology to PC gamers

Doritos Silent’ is the world’s first noise-cancelling technology compatible with all PCs to support co-op gaming situations Doritos has introduced ‘Doritos Silent,’ a groundbreaking ‘crunch-cancellation’ technology that lets PC gamers enjoy their favourite chips without distracting other players. Though new research shows that 85 per cent of gamers consistently choose[Read More…]

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Taiwan’s Texture Maker unveils training platform for baking professionals

With a strong focus on quality and excellence, this online platform is designed to empower bakers to make Chewco products, such as mochi doughnuts Taiwan’s Texture Maker, a prominent player in the baking industry, has unveiled an exciting solution for baking professionals – Chewco KaaS (Knowledge-As-A-Service), an advanced professional training platform[Read More…]

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Taiwan’s beverage brand JiaWenCing enters Singapore

With an established presence in 20 branches across Taiwan, the company is now set to conquer more international markets, bolstering its technology, capabilities JiaWenCing, Taiwan’s leading beverage brand, has been making waves in the international market with its expansion into Singapore through franchised agents. With an established presence in 20 branches across Taiwan, the company is[Read More…]

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