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JBS resumes operation of Friboi unit in Brazil

The company reopens the plant in Diamantino, Brazil, which will be the largest beef processing unit in Latin America, with 3,000 employees

JBS, one of the largest food companies in the world, announced the resumption of activities at the Friboi unit in the city of Diamantino, in Mato Grosso, after the fire that occurred in June this year. With an installed processing capacity of 3,600 heads per day, the factory will be the largest beef factory in Latin America, with 3,000 employees divided into two shifts.

The plant operates with an initial processing capacity of 600 heads of cattle per day, reaching 1,800 in the coming weeks. At this moment, Diamantino will have support in complementary activities from two Friboi units: the Barra do Garças (MT) and Campo Grande (MS) plants. The initial stage foresees an investment of R$300 million in the factory. “This investment reinforces our commitment to the development of the regions in which we operate. In the State of Mato Grosso alone, we already employ more than 9,500 people”, says Gilberto Xandó, CEO of JBS Brasil.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, the unit resumes its operation with the structure to increase the volume of cattle processing by 2.4 times the previous capacity. Furthermore, it is prepared to meet the main criteria of international markets, including halal processing. “The Diamantino factory is equipped with the most modern automation and the highest technology in beef processing and freezing, with a focus on value-added products and portioned products”, says Renato Costa, president of Friboi.

With the completion of the plant expansion works in 2024, Friboi’s Diamantino unit will have unprecedented structures, such as a new freezing tunnel, an expanded park for packaging vacuum products and an exclusive area for future line installations specific for the production of portioned beef cuts.

The facilities have the long-term objective of contributing to Friboi’s plans to increase the supply of value-added products from the unit. According to Renato Costa, the Diamantino unit plays a fundamental role in the Company’s growth strategy, as it supplies products to the main markets served by the company, including the most demanding lines in Friboi’s portfolio.

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