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InsideOut Institute’s $8 M funding enhances support for eating disorders in Australia

Two $4 million grants from the Australian Government to support digital initiatives

The Australian Government has funded the InsideOut Institute’s award-winning eClinic and Digital GP Hub which aim to improve outcomes for those living with an eating disorder.

The InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders is a collaboration between the Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney, based at Charles Perkins Centre. It aims to ensure every Australian living with an eating disorder has access to the best possible care by rethinking eating disorders from the ‘inside out’.

This partnership between the University and the health district ensures research findings are seamlessly translated into improved patient outcomes. 

Under the new funding, a $4 million grant will go to the award-winning eClinic, an online, evidence-based platform for people with eating disorder symptoms.

The InsideOut Institute eClinic provides Australians access to eTherapy programmes including Binge Eating eTherapy (BEeT), Brief Binge Eating eTherapy (Brief BEeT), SupportED and a clinical toolkit.

The Institute was also awarded $4 million for the new Digital GP Hub, providing GPs with targeted information at the right time to better identify those at risk of an eating disorder and provide evidence-based treatment.

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