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Yakult introduces Nutri-Grade B drink in Singapore

The latest addition will be on shelves with a retail price of SG$ 3.70 per pack

Yakult Singapore, a brand well-known for its premium probiotic cultured drinks, has launched its next biggest product, Yakult Gold. This new line of drinks catering to health-conscious consumers that are concerned about their sugar levels and calorie intake made its debut in the market on March 6.

Yakult Gold is a Nutri-Grade B drink, containing sugar that is five grams or less per 100ml, enriched with Vitamin D which makes it beneficial for bone and teeth health and is a great option for those concerned about sugar levels in beverages.

Yakult’s announcement of Yakult Gold comes after the government’s recent introduction of mandatory nutrition labels and advertising prohibitions for pre-packaged sugar sweetened beverages, a measure to control and prevent increasing diabetes cases in the country.

“Being loved by consumers all around the globe, we not only work towards increasing our reach to households but also towards ensuring an option for the various dietary needs. Understanding our consumers’ need has been and will always be our top priority and motivating factor. In addition to expanding our range of products, we also ensure that we are meeting global standards and regulations,” said Hiroyuki Kawada, the Managing Director of Yakult Singapore.

Yakult has been a household name in Singapore for decades and their current range of products include the signature Yakult drink, Yakult Light, and the Malaysian-imported Yakult Ace Light. They also have a wide range of alternative flavours, including apple, grape, and orange for local consumers.

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