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Singapore extends nutri-grade label requirements to freshly prepared beverages

Must be graded A, B, C or D according to the Nutri-Grade grading system which is based on the beverages’ sugar and saturated fat content

From end 2023, the Nutri-Grade labelling requirements and advertising prohibitions will be extended to freshly prepared beverages intended for sale at specified settings in Singapore. Additional labelling requirements will also be introduced to beverages under the current Nutri-Grade measures. These include pre-packaged beverages sold in Singapore and beverages dispensed from non-customisable automated beverage dispensers.

The measures aim to further reduce the population’s sugar intake as freshly prepared beverages are another large and growing source of sugar in Singaporeans’ diets. Freshly prepared beverages include freshly brewed coffee or tea, freshly squeezed juices, freshly blended smoothies, bubble tea, freshly prepared herbal drinks, and beverages dispensed from machines.

The additional measures will apply to freshly prepared and existing Nutri-Grade beverages sold in specified settings, which include (i) retail settings such as food and beverage (F&B) outlets and catering establishments, and (ii) non-retail settings such as hotels, workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and childcare facilities.

To ensure a smooth transition in implementation, the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Health Promotion Board (HPB) will first provide a concession to individuals and entities running smaller food businesses that involve the sale or supply of freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages, if they (i) earn a revenue of not more than S$1 million in the latest financial year, and (ii) sell or supply those beverages at fewer than 10 food premises.

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