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Kerry announces significant strategic biotechnology acquisitions

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strategically compelling combination will accelerate Kerry’s innovation capabilities in enzyme engineering, fermentation and bio-process development. Kerry’s broad market reach across food and pharma markets, combined with its deep enzyme applications expertise and integrated ingredient technology

Kerry  Group plc  (‘Kerry‘),  the  global  taste  and  nutrition company   announces  it  has  reached  agreement  to  acquire  c. 92%  of  the  issued  share  capital  of c-LEcta  GmbH  (‘c-LEcta‘)  for  a  consideration  of  €137m¹,  with  management  to  retain  the balance.  This  follows  the  acquisition of  100%  of  the  issued  share  capital  of  Enmex  S.A.  de  C.V.  (‘Enmex‘)  on  14  December for a  consideration  of €62m.

c-LEcta  is  a  leading  biotechnology innovation  company  specialising  in  precision  fermentation,  optimised  bio-processing and  bio-transformation  for  the  creation  of  high-value  targeted  enzymes  and  ingredients.  Based  in  Leipzig,  Germany  and employing  over  100  people,  c-LEcta  has  established  itself  as  a  leading  innovator  in  disruptive  new  sciences  for  the pharmaceutical  market,  with  a  strong  pipeline  of  functional  bioactives  across  food,  beverage  and  other  consumer  markets. This  strategically  compelling  combination  will  accelerate  Kerry’s  innovation  capabilities  in  enzyme  engineering, fermentation  and  bio-process  development. 

Kerry’s  broad  market  reach  across  food  and  pharma  markets,  combined  with its  deep  enzyme  applications  expertise  and  integrated  ingredient  technology  design,  will  enable  and  accelerate  the  growth potential  of  c-LEcta’s  strong  portfolio  and  technology  capabilities.  This  acquisition  will  further  support  Kerry’s  commitment to  invest  in  the  development  of  innovative  sustainable  technologies,  which  will  be  at  the  heart  of  future  sustainable  food and  health  systems. 

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