Advanced Lipids launches INFAT®PLUS in China

INFAT®PLUS – a fat ingredient that’s closer to mother’s milk fat New research conducted by Advanced Lipids has shown that there are differences in the structure of mother’s milk when comparing breast milk from women from different countries. On the back of this research, the company has created INFAT®PLUS, an[Read More…]

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Kevin Industries discusses new insights related to efficient nutrient absorption

Global ingredient manufacturer hosts conference with industry experts to discuss new insights on nutrient variability and the link between nutrition and animal health. Kemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredient manufacturer focused on improving the quality of life for more than half the world’s population, recently hosted a three-day KemINSIGHT conference[Read More…]

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Xi’an Farmers Festival helps to bring Agricultural Development in China

Xi’an has been working on regional poverty alleviation through agricultural reform The city of Xi’an in China’s Shaanxi province has held its 2nd Xi’an Farmers Festival (“the Festival”) to further promote the region’s agricultural innovation and development, celebrating its agricultural harvest and the fifteenth consecutive year of growth in disposable income per capita.  The event gathers experts and[Read More…]

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Better Life Farming Alliance launches new agri-entrepreneurship model

Better Life Farming centers will expand smallholder reach through digitally enabled centers where agri-entrepreneurs will use technology to disseminate knowledge and train farmers from nearby villages on good agricultural practices. With an objective to provide holistic and innovative solutions for smallholder farmers in developing economies, Bayer, International Finance Corporation (IFC,[Read More…]

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UK’s OptiBiotix Health partners with Zeon Lifesciences

Zeon is India’s leading manufacturer of nutraceutical and herbal products with expertise in developing custom formulations for the food, herbal, and pharmaceutical industries. British company Optibiotix signed an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement with Indian Healthcare company Zeon for the use of OptiBiotix’s science-based weight management technology, SlimBiome. This partnership[Read More…]

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