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Good Earth Dairy secures $4.4Mn grant for camel-milk processing facility

The facility will produce fresh and powdered camel milk products

Australia-based Good Earth Dairy secures a $4.4 million grant for a $20 million dairy processing facility.

The first camel milk dairy in Australia will open ahead of Good Earth Dairy’s listing on the ASX next year. The facility will produce fresh and powdered camel milk products.

Good Earth Dairy is set to expand its distribution channels beyond Western Australia (WA) and into global markets with the help of a new facility. The $20 million facility, expected to be completed by 2026, will have the capacity to process around 22 million litres of camel milk annually.

Good Earth Dairy launched a bridging round via an equity crowdfunding campaign on the OnMarket platform last week ahead of its planned IPO next year to support international expansion.

The company will use crowdfunding to increase production capacity and fund the construction of a new dairy.

Camel milk retails at a premium in Australia, selling for between $13 and $20 per litre, compared to cow’s milk.

The milk is low in allergens and saturated fat, and highly nutritious. It is also easy to digest for infants and adults.

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