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Singapore’s Grande Whisky Museum achieves Guinness World Record titles

The Grande Whisky Museum Houses World’s Largest Collection Of Rare And Vintage Whiskies, Showcasing More Than 7,000 Bottles of Fine Whiskies and No-Longer-In-Production Whiskies

Singapore’s The Grande Whisky Museum (TGWM) announces its remarkable achievement of two Guinness World Record titles. The museum has been awarded the titles for the “Most Valuable Whisky/Whiskey Collection” valued at SGD 128,630,196 and the “Most Valuable Bottle of Whisky/Whiskey” valued at SGD 3,621,582.

Situated in the heart of Suntec City, The Grande Whisky Museum spans an expansive 8,000 sq ft area, where it showcases an exceptional collection of over 7,000 rare and vintage whiskies. This collection includes whiskies from some of the world’s oldest and still active distilleries, as well as some from closed distilleries, making TGWM one of the largest private whisky collections accessible to the public.

TGWM’s collection is housed behind steel vault doors, lending an air of rarity and intrigue. Recognised by whisky enthusiasts for its auction-worthy special edition sets, the museum features house bottles that rank among the rarest globally. The museum’s collection resembles that of an art gallery, with handblown glass bottles, hand-painted porcelain one-run sets, commemorative whiskies in designer crystal bottles, rare finds from closed distilleries, and even bottles signed by Master Blenders and royalty. Due to the exceptional nature of these whiskies, photography is not permitted within the museum.

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