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Thai herbal tea to stimulate breast milk production: Study

Research team is planning to launch the herbal tea as a product under the brand “Wang Nam Yen” for domestic distribution and export

Thailand’s Chula Faculty of Medicine, in collaboration with the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, has released research results on “Wang Nam Yen” herbal tea to stimulate lactation in mothers after childbirth, especially those who have had a cesarean delivery. The herbal tea yielded as good results as modern medicine and is slated for commercial production and export. 

Wang Nam Yen” herbal tea comes from the research of Pinit Chinsoi, a pharmacist who had collected herbal formulas in traditional Thai medicine and compared the safety to that of modern medicine. Five herbs were selected: bael, sappanwood (fang), ginger, licorice, and jewel vine to cure fatigue, heavy blood loss, muscle pain, low breast milk, and dizziness which are some of the postpartum symptoms. The formula was named “Wang Nam Yen” in honour of Wang Nam Yen Hospital, Sa Kaeo Province, at which Pinit was stationed as a pharmacist at that time.

The research team developed a study to test and compare the effectiveness of postpartum breast milk stimulation between “Wang Nam Yen” Thai herbal tea and modern medicine. The study participants were 120 mothers who had a cesarean birth and received nursing care at Sansitphrasong Hospital.

The results suggest that the mothers who received herbal tea produced more milk than other groups 24 hours after birth, and they produced a similar amount of milk to the group who received modern medicine 48, and 72 hours after birth and performed better than the group that received placebos.

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