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Australia links mediterranean diet with reduced risk of heart disease, death in women

Mediterranean diet has been of increasing interest because of its association with heart health

A University of Sydney-led review into the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in women has found women who followed a Mediterranean diet had up to 24 percent lower risk of heart disease and a 23 percent lower risk of death.

The researchers say to their knowledge this study is the first review to examine the association between the Mediterranean diet, cardiovascular disease and mortality specifically in women.

The findings, published in Heart Journal, examined data from 16 published studies where women were following the Mediterranean diet. The studies were between 2006 and 2021 and involved over 722,000 female participants.

Interestingly, further analysis of data found similar reduced risk applied in women of all ethnicities, with women of European descent having a 24 percent lower risk, and women of non-European descent (Asian, Native Hawaiian and African American) having a 21 percent lower risk.

The results will be invaluable in updating the dietary and clinical guideline recommendations such as the Australian dietary guidelines for diets in women, particularly to help prevent heart disease.

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