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Legendary Taiwan Bubble Tea Brand ‘Chun Shui Tang’ Enters the UK Frozen Food Market

The worldwide’s bubble tea founder introduces frozen ready side dishes ideal for a good cup of tea.

Chun Shui Tang, the inventor of bubble tea is bringing several side dishes, Vegan Black Pudding in Spicy Sauce, Braised Tofu in Signature Sauce, and Dry Bean Curd in Spicy Sauce, to the U.K. market for the first time in late November. Consumers will be treated to tasting events featuring these side dishes held in London this end of November and can expect to find them available in stores too.

This signifies it as a perfect place for relaxation and to enjoy a refreshing taste of tea with side dishes, under the calming atmosphere of a traditional tea house.

For nearly 40 years, Chun Shui Tang has been committed to the craft of serving top quality tea and in promoting Taiwanese tea culture, that can be traced all the way back to the influence of life in the Song dynasty in China, which was based on the four arts and the style of the traditional tea houses with seasonal flowering materials.

Chun Shui Tang has led the revolution in tea culture. Business started to thrive when its founder, Liu Han-Chieh, first came up with the idea of serving Chinese tea cold in the early 1980s after his visit to Japan. The bubble black tea was invented due to the incorporation of the world’s history tea-drinking view and to the creativity which boldly transformed the traditional hot tea into the cold sweet tea. With Mr. Liu’s innovation, Chun Shui Tang has developed the six major tea types as the base for dozens of unique drinks.  It also experimented in adding different ingredients to the drinks and led to the surprising discovery of a quintessential Taiwanese drink- bubble tea.

 The sensitive taste and innovative thought, Chun Shui Tang combined the milk tea with the local snack “Fenyuan(tapioca balls)”, and created the special order among customers. In March 1987, Pearl milk tea was officially launched, which turned into contemporary Taiwan’s national drink and set a precedent for putting food ingredients into cold tea drinks.

Chun Shui Tang believes what makes their bubble tea popular is its focus on the quality of ingredients. By using cane sugar to ensure the lingering fragrance of the high-quality tea leaves, producing home-made tapiocas with chewy texture, these are considered essential elements of Chun Shui Tang’s great cup of bubble tea.

Though renowned for the origin of its bubble tea, it is also dedicated to produce new side dishes or meals. This year, Chun Shui Tang in partnership with Taiwan’s Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs, is proud to present their three delicious treats-Vegan Black Pudding in Spicy Sauce, Braised Tofu in Signature Sauce and Dry Bean Curd in Spicy Sauce to the U.K. customers.

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