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Red Ginseng Reduces Fatigue and Stress-Study

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Consumption of red ginseng improved fatigue symptoms and antioxidant capacity.

The Korea Society of Ginseng disclosed the results of a study titled The Effect of Red Ginseng on Improving Fatigue, Lethargy and Stress Resistance at The Korea Society of Ginseng Spring Conference in 2022 held at Sejong University on the 21st. In particular, the timeliness of the results of this study are especially meaningful since an increasing number of people have complained of lingering fatigue and lethargy following recovery from coronavirus infection.

Researchers from 15 institutions in Korea, including Professor Kim Yeol-hong, Department of Oncology and Hematology, Korea University Anam Hospital, randomly assigned 438 colorectal cancer patients receiving mFOLFOX-6 therapy to the red ginseng group (219 people) and placebo group (219 people). The red ginseng group took 1000mg of red ginseng twice a day during the 16 weeks of chemotherapy. As a result, the fatigue level of the red ginseng group was significantly improved compared to the placebo group.

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