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Korea Ginseng Corp introduces KORESELECT product line in the U.S. market

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KORESELECT products are made from six-year-grown Korean Red Ginseng and may promote blood circulation, boost stamina and support immunity. These products may also bolster cognitive function, support skin health and reduce inflammation. The KORESELECT product 5 line includes: Immune, Energy, Wellness, Balance and Stamina

Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC), the world’s number one ginseng brand, officially launched its KORESELECT product line in the U.S. market. The KORESELECT line exclusively uses six-year-grown red ginseng in plant-based products that are a time-tested, natural solution for core aspects of health and wellness.

KORESELECT products are GMO free, caffeine free, GMP quality assured and are made with zero artificial coloring, flavor, preservatives, dairy, fish, eggs and nuts.

Established in 1899, Korea Ginseng Corporation is a highly trusted and reliable ginseng brand and the most reputable manufacturer in the category. The global ginseng leader provides the highest quality, traditionally-harvested Korean Red Ginseng – recognized as the more efficacious form of ginseng.

Korea Ginseng Corporation follows an optimal sourcing process, taking two years to condition and prepare each field for planting, allowing each plant to grow for six years in order to reach its optimal state of maturity, and then allowing each field to rest a full ten years before replanting.

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