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Morinaga Milk will proceed procedures related to selection of new market segment

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Board of Directors of the Company resolved, at its meeting to select “Prime Market” and submit its application to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Notice Regarding  Application for Selection of “Prime Market” as  the new  market segment Morinaga  Milk  Industry  Co.,  Ltd.  (hereinafter,  “the  Company”)  received  the  results  of  the  initial assessment  of  its  compliance  with  the  listing  maintenance  criteria  of  the  new  market  segments from  Tokyo  Stock  Exchange,  Inc.  (hereinafter,  “Tokyo  Stock  Exchange”)  on  July  9,  2021,  and confirmed  that  the  Company  is  in  compliance  with  the  listing  maintenance  criteria  of  the  new market segment, “Prime  Market.”

Based  on  the  results,  the  Board  of  Directors  of  the  Company  resolved,  at  its  meeting  held  on October  28,  2021,  to  select  “Prime  Market”  and  submit  its  application  to  the  Tokyo  Stock Exchange.

The  Company  will  proceed  with  the  prescribed  procedures  for  application  related  to  the  selection of the new market segment in accordance with the  schedule set by  Tokyo Stock  Exchange. 

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