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Foodmach, Systech enter strategic partnership for food security


Australian Foodmach has teamed up with global supply chain security expert Systech to bring its Unisecure technology to the ANZ market

Foodmach, an Australian packaging automation and product traceability system integrator has signed a partnership agreement with Systech (USA) who have developed anti-counterfeit technology that doesn’t require any additional technology, code or symbology on the consumer packaging. They use inherent variances in the normal barcode printing process to uniquely identify each product produced. 

Systech UniSecure® is the only proven, non-additive, product authentication solution that leverages existing product barcodes and packaging to create a unique signature that cannot be duplicated. It ensures product authenticity, protects brand equity and assures consumer safety.

The agreement allows Foodmach to serve as a Systech preferred partner to market UniSecure in Australia and New Zealand.

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