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Nestlé collaborates with suppliers to address climate change impact on cocoa

The five-year projects will promote agroforestry, accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture and support the reforestation of degraded lands around cocoa farming communities As part of its commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050, Nestlé has launched two new projects, developed with suppliers Cargill and ETG | Beyond Beans,[Read More…]

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Nestlé’s factory in Australia to get $32Mn boost for Milo

The investment will upgrade the Milo manufacturing line introducing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to the factory and supporting an increased production capacity  Nestlé Australia has announced a $32 million investment in its Smithtown factory, which manufactures Milo – bringing investment in the site to approximately $80 million in the last decade.  The investment will upgrade[Read More…]

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First KitKat using cocoa from Nestlé income accelerator launches in Europe

Nestlé’s income accelerator program has so far supported more than 10,000 families in Côte d’Ivoire and is expanding to Ghana this year to include a total of 30,000 families Nestlé has introduced the first KitKat made with cocoa mass from beans grown by farmer families engaged in the company’s income accelerator. This KitKat aims to[Read More…]

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Nestlé launches Maggi soya chunks

Maggi Soya Chunks, a tasty, affordable, plant-based meat alternative that enables consumers in Central and West Africa to add high-quality protein to their everyday food Nestlé is actively exploring the use of plant-based ingredients to bring nutritious proteins to consumers affordably and sustainably. The company recently launched Maggi Soya Chunks, a tasty, affordable,[Read More…]

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