Cultured Meat

Israel’s Steakholder Foods launches industry-first 3D printed eel

Revolutionising seafood production: Steakholder Foods’ 3D printed eel – a game-changer for fish and seafood producers Israel-based Steakholder Foods, a pioneer in the 3D meat and fish printing technology and cultivated cell innovation announced the launch of the world’s first plant-based, 3D-printed eel. This breakthrough highlights Steakholder Foods’ remarkable capability[Read More…]

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BioBetter pioneers cultivated meat future with molecular farming

Media growth start-up targets annual commercial production of 5 tonnes by 2025 FoodTech start-up BioBetter, Ltd., opens its first food-grade pilot facility to accelerate the production of key growth factors for the cultivated meat industry. The company has pioneered a unique protein manufacturing platform for producing growth factors (GFs) using[Read More…]

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China’s Jimi Biotech develops world’s first deer antler stem cell line

Deer antlers hold significant cultural and dietary importance in China and other Asian countries, where they are revered as premium health products China’s cellular agriculture company, Jimi Biotech, has developed the world’s first deer antler stem cell line, making Jimi Biotech the first company globally capable of mass-producing deer antler[Read More…]

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Israel’s Steakholder Foods unveils 3D Bio-printing business model

Business model will focus on selling 3D bio-printers and bio-inks designed to develop cultivated meat from ethically harvested cells Steakholder Foods, Israel-based deep-tech food startup at the forefront of the cultivated meat industry, has focused its business model to target B2B meat manufacturers and cultivated meat producers, by offering manufacturers the ability[Read More…]

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Singapore develops plant-based cell culture scaffold for cheaper, sustainable cultured meat

The edible scaffolds can be 3D-printed using widely available plant prolamins A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has successfully used common plant proteins to 3D-print an edible cell culture scaffold, allowing more affordable and sustainable lab-grown meat to be served on the table. Prolamins are a[Read More…]

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ADM inks MoU with Israel-based startup to broaden protein ecosystem

Bringing expertise together to advance horizons of cultivated meat ADM, a global leader in sustainable nutrition, and Believer Meats, a leading pioneer of the cultivated meat industry, have signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on new ways to propel the development and commercialisation of cultivated meat products.[Read More…]

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Samsung picks cultivated meat startup TissenBioFarm for Accelerator Programme in Korea

TissenBioFarm is the world’s first company to develop mass-production technologies for whole-cut cultivated meat TissenBioFarm, a cultivated meat startup based in South Korea, has been selected for the “SAMSUNG Welstory TechUP+” programme. SAMSUNG Welstory and startup accelerator FuturePlay discover and support promising startups in the field of sustainable future food technologies through the programme.[Read More…]

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