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Japan-based NEXT MEATS aims to distribute alternative meat products in EU in mid-2023

Continues to develop new products and grow business both in Japan and around the world, focusing on Southeast Asia

NEXT MEATS, a Japanese subsidiary of NEXT MEATS Holdings, Inc.- a Tokyo based food-tech venture company which is the inventor of the newest Non-GMO soybean protein based alternative meats product named “Next Short Rib 2.0”, collaborated with the most prominent fresh vegetables and fruits producer/wholesaler Van Gelder  (Founded in Netherlands in 1953) Ridderkerk, to participate in HORECAVA which has been hosting the largest food and hospitality convention in Amsterdam since 1957.   

At HORECAVA 2023, Van Gelder was given the premier opportunity to exhibit and offer tasting of the latest product from Japan. Without any additives and preservatives, “Next Short Rib 2.0” has up to 1 year of shelf life at room temperature, owing to its proprietary vacuum packing “RETORT” technology developed by its group company MAMA FOODS Co. in Hanamaki, Japan. NEXT MEATS hopes this innovation allows cost reduction to international importers, wholesalers, retailers and all the way to the final consumers, as well as reducing potential food waste inclusively.

Based on the mutually signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), NEXT MEATS is planning for the exclusive wholesale package of unflavoured “Next Short Rib 2.0” for Van Gelder to start distributing to its existing customers in Netherlands in the 1st quarter of 2023, and to create co-branded ready-to-cook food packages in Netherlands and surrounding countries starting from mid 2023.

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