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Food Industry Asia and ASN Media launch “Food for the Future TV”

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‘Food for the Future’ combines interviews with leading professionals, case-studies, Food Industry Asia insights, and sponsored editorial profiles of leading sector organizations.

The challenges of a growing population in Asia, consumer demands for healthier and more sustainable food options and increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity, are critical issues addressed in an online programme, launching on August 12.

Food Industry Asia (FIA) and ASN Media present ‘Food for the Future’ – an in-depth look at the challenges and latest solutions to the problem of feeding rapidly growing Asian populations. Hosted by Yvonne Chan, ex-anchor of CNA First Look Asia, the four episodes deal with ‘Health & Nutrition,’ ‘Innovation’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Resilience’ and include reports on a range of subjects, including cell multiplication technology, plant and insect-based proteins, healthier forms of sugar and sustainable seafood.

Working around multiple COVID-19 challenges, FIA and ASN Media gathered case-studies, insights and news of ground-breaking technologies, from some of the region’s leading food and beverage sector thinkers and innovators. The programme also looks at the impact of new digital technologies on food manufacture and marketing.

Matt Kovac, Executive Director of FIA, said, “Food for the Future is essential viewing for not only food manufacturers and retailers, but also for the innovators, scientists and health professionals who are bringing science and new sustainable technologies to solve one of the biggest problems of our time – providing enough safe and healthy food for a population approaching nearly 10 billion by 2050.”

To watch the first of a number of interviews with Matt Kovac, please visit this link

Jonathan Love, Director of ASN Media, said, “This programme demonstrates how the food and beverage sector is working collaboratively, and with world-leading science, in providing for the Asia-Pacific’s future needs. The quality of the reformulation, innovation, sustainability and health and nutrition advances make fascinating viewing, and are a credit to those who work tirelessly to feed the world’s growing population.”

‘Food for the Future’ launches on FIA’s website and across digital channels on August 12, 2020. Following the launch, the programme will form part of a communications strategy, to connect experts from governments, academia, and industry, with the most up-to-date food industry news and information.

The first episode focuses on ‘Health & Nutrition,’ and amongst interviews also provides an in-depth report on Singapore’s innovative ‘Healthier Choices’ programme with the Health Promotion Board (HPB), aimed at transforming how industry players manufacture, and customers make food and beverage purchasing choices.

The episode also looks at new technologies aimed at reducing disease, and harnessing the naturally occurring diversity and quality of bioactive compounds in our food with Nutrition Innovation.

Watch the full episode including HPB and Nutrition Innovation’s films:  

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