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BRITA SE Germany acquires innovative hydration company LARQ 

Experts in drinking water optimization continue international expansion into North American consumer business under the LARQ brand

BRITA SE, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of drinking water optimisation and individualisation, has acquired LARQ, Inc., the innovative brand behind a line of sustainable and healthy hydration products in North America. A medium-sized family-owned company based in Taunusstein, Germany, BRITA SE sees this acquisition as a strategic milestone, especially for the further development of the consumer business particularly in North America.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay area, LARQ has successfully developed and launched premium-class self-cleaning drinking bottles with UV-C purification, most notably the LARQ Bottle PureVis which debuted in 2018. Today’s portfolio is complemented by the UV-C purified and filtered LARQ Pitcher PureVis water jug with app connectivity, as well as an award-winning lineup of reusable drinkware products touted for their award-winning design. With high-quality products in the lifestyle segment, LARQ, like BRITA SE, has set itself the goal of providing an alternative to water from single-use plastic bottles and thus actively contributes to environmental protection.

“Digitally native,” LARQ today generates the majority of its business through Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sales. Moreover, global retail and corporate sales have strongly grown recently and contributed to the success of the company. In the financial year 2023, revenues have reached solid double-digit millions.

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