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World-first Haelen technology achieves 100% fresh, natural milk that is twice as digestible

Naturo, the company behind the world-first patented ‘Haelen’ milk processing technology which gives fresh milk a 60-day shelf life has achieved another significant breakthrough in the global milk market.

Recent consumer trials and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) research validation have proven that milk processed using the Haelen Method results in 100% fresh, natural milk that is twice as digestible than any other processed cow’s milk available on the Australian market, without adding anything to the milk. The reason lies in the way Haelen treats whey proteins.  

The research followed a 2021 consumer trial showing that two-thirds of participants who normally experienced adverse reactions to cow’s milk found that Haelen processed milk eliminated or reduced the reaction.

One of the differences between standard milk processing (pasteurisation, UHT and ESL) and Haelen is how milk whey proteins are treated. With Haelen, whey proteins are broken down further allowing for easier and faster digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption. 

With 68% of the global population experiencing some difficulty in consuming milk, Haelen means more people can enjoy the health benefits of 100% natural milk without adverse side effects.  Similarly, the technology provides unique opportunities into sports nutrition and recovery, and health and wellness markets due to the way it naturally hydrolyses milk whey proteins.

With Haelen processed milk formally approved by Australia’s State regulators for domestic sales, and export registration due in October 2022, it will become the first non-thermal milk technology to be approved for export, creating the opportunity to sea-freight 100% natural, fresh Australian milk overseas.

“This latest digestibility finding is an incredible market breakthrough for our Haelen Technology partnerships and licensing agreements world-wide as well as opening the door to new products and market opportunities”, Mr Hastings said. Haelen Founder and CEO, Jeff Hastings said that the significant digestibility result would provide unique opportunities world-wide.

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