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Coca-Cola Brand New Glass Bottle Beverages Relaunch in Market

Image Source: Media Outreach

New Glass Bottles Made by Recycled Materials to bring unique “Real Magic” Experience

The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partner Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong announced that the highly anticipated returnable glass bottle beverage is coming back with a new design and a refreshed look starting from today! Whether dining out or staying at home for a meal, Coca-Cola brands in the glass bottle will be the best companion for your delicacies that brings you the “Real Magic” experience only by glass bottles! Fans of the Coca-Cola brands who prefer to be served with glass bottles will be able to immerse in this unique experience again. The first batch of beverages coming in glass bottles are “Coca-Cola”, “Coca-Cola” No Sugar, “Sprite”, “Fanta”, “Schweppes” Cream Soda and Soda Water, and for the first time showing up in glass bottles are “Kochakaden” “Craftea” Lemon Tea and Peach Tea. More brands will be coming in glass bottles to provide consumers with a broader range of beverages in an environmentally friendly packaging.

The new glass bottle is in line with the commitment of The Coca-Cola Company and Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong’s vision of sustainability. By adopting more environmentally friendly new technology to facilitate the development strategy for recycling and reuse, we joint hands to move towards Coca-Cola’s goal of “World Without Waste”.

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