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Chobani launches first-ever shelf-stable low-fat dairy milk

Chobani will make an average of 145,000 pounds of nutrient-rich dairy available monthly

Chobani, LLC, a next-generation food and beverage company originally known for its high-quality Greek Yogurt, launched its first-ever shelf-stable low-fat dairy milk, Chobani Super Milk. This latest product innovation is nutrient-rich and is made specifically to be donated to support people impacted by disasters as well as help some of the most vulnerable in Chobani’s hometowns.  

Developed to help the American Red Cross and Chobani’s local food bank and pantry partners, Chobani Super Milk addresses a critical need by providing access to nutrient-dense, high-protein, low-fat dairy to those who need it most. On average, the American Red Cross responds to approximately 65,000 disasters annually across the United States1. At the same time, there are already 44 million Americans facing food insecurity. Chobani will produce an average of 145,000 pounds of Chobani Super Milk monthly to be deployed by the American Red Cross nationally in areas facing natural disasters and to local partners in central New York and southern Idaho communities.

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