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Groundbreaking Innovation Shaping the Future of Collagen Peptides

An innovative platform of specific collagen peptide compositions

Rousselot, Darling Ingredients’ premier collagen and gelatin brand, announces at Vitafoods, the launch of NEXTIDA™, an innovative platform of specific collagen peptide compositions with new targeted health benefits. Built and backed by science, Nextida stands as a trusted solution to support the body’s balance, naturally.

By decoding collagen language, Rousselot has uncovered an extensive library of specific collagen peptide compositions, called Nextida. These compositions can trigger new modes of actions for specific health benefits. A comprehensive testing and validation process involving preclinical and clinical studies will be conducted, which will include evaluation of the efficacy and safety of these compositions.

“After years of cutting-edge research into the collagen molecule, Rousselot is proud to launch Nextida, offering new health benefits beyond those traditionally attributed to collagen peptides. Nextida’s strength and innovation is to act where it matters,” said Jeroen Colpaert, Executive Vice President, Rousselot.

Nextida.GC will be the first commercialized specific collagen peptides from the Nextida platform. Nextida.GC aims to reduce the post meal sugar spike in a natural way in healthy individuals. Results from scientific studies on the impact of Nextida.GC on glucose metabolism will be unveiled at the annual SupplySide West event in Las Vegas, October 28-31, 2024. “This new product marks the beginning of a long series of innovations, building on Rousselot’s unique scientific and production excellence,” Colpaert said.

“We are incredibly excited to open new market opportunities with Nextida and to further empower customers who are looking for natural health and wellness products.” With high standards of product quality and consistency throughout the entire manufacturing process, Nextida is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for proven, high-quality, and distinctive collagen peptide compositions for their nutraceuticals or functional foods.

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