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UAE’s Al Wathba honey festival concludes successfully at Sheikh Zayed festival

With over 60 beekeepers and companies involved in beekeeping and honey production

The first edition of the Al Wathba Honey Festival, one of the events associated with the Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Agricultural Excellence Award in its second edition, concluded after a 14-day run at the Award Pavilion at the Sheikh Zayed Festival in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi.

Drawing a diverse audience of beekeepers, honey producers, and enthusiasts, the festival provided a unique opportunity to sample a variety of locally renowned honey types amid a vibrant atmosphere filled with heritage, cultural, and entertainment events. Daily competitions, featuring valuable prizes and gifts, added to the festive spirit.

With over 60 beekeepers and companies involved in beekeeping and honey production, the festival served as an important marketing platform, allowing participants to showcase their products and keep abreast of the latest innovations and global best practices in their field.

The conclusion of the festival saw the announcement of winners in various competitions for local beekeepers and honey producers, including the best Sidr liquid honey, the best Samar liquid honey, the best crystallised honey, the best Sidr honeycomb and the best Sidr and Samar honeycomb for wild bees.

The first three winners in each category received substantial cash prizes, estimated at around 270,000 dirhams, with additional cash prizes and shields for the fourth and fifth-place winners in each competition. Notably, the festival recorded the sale of approximately 3,200 kilograms of locally produced honey with a total sales value of approximately AED 640,000.

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