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Vitamin B Deficiency affects quality of life of ~ 19% of all diabetics

‘Listen to your patients for early identification of Peripheral Neuropathy’: Health Experts

As part of World Diabetes Day 2023, P&G Health brought together renowned health experts at the ‘#KNOWTHESIGNS Scientific Forum’. Hosted out of Jakarta and simulcast to 6 countries, the signature event was attended by >1000 healthcare practitioners from across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, India and Africa and saw deliberations on the latest clinical guidance and research findings on diagnoses and treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) in Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes.

At the forum, the NEW findings of the NENOIN Clinical Study were also unveiled showing innovative results, which concluded that treatment with a fixed dose combination of vitamin B1, B6, and B12 led to significant improvement in nerve function measured via ankle reflexes, knee reflexes, muscle strength, and sensory perception in toes and fingers of patients with peripheral neuropathy.

With Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 being the leading cause of PN, the increasing prevalence of PN is closely linked to the rise in the number of diabetic patients. Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) is the result of damage to the nerves impacting quality of life of people as they are not able to go about their daily lives as comfortably. Symptoms of PN include numbness, tingling, prickling, and burning sensations in the hands and feet. B vitamin deficiency and polymedication are other high-risk factors along with diabetes, leading to peripheral nerve damage. Published studies across different countries confirm that up to 80% of patients with PN remain undiagnosed and untreated.

Aalok Agrawal, Senior Vice-President, P&G Health, Asia, India, Middle East & Africa said, “An estimated 1 in 2 Diabetics and 1 in 10 Pre-diabetics suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, while Vitamin B Deficiency affects the quality of life of ~19% of all people with diabetes. As part of our 2023 World Diabetes Day Initiative, our ‘#KNOWTHESIGNS Scientific Forum saw a multidisciplinary panel of experts from across the globe and the region come together to share their clinical recommendations on diagnoses and management of Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetes and Pre-diabetes, impact of Vitamin B Deficiency on Quality of Life and the role of B vitamins in supporting healthy nerve functions”.

Sharing more details about the NENOIN Study, Dr Inna Eiberger, Global Medical Director, P&G Health Nerve Care Franchise shared, “PN is associated with poor functional mobility and compromised motor symptoms, in addition to sensory symptoms. These symptoms significantly worsen the quality of life of patients. Results from the NENOIN study concluded that the synergistic combination of vitamins B1, B6, and B12 can not only relieve symptoms but also significantly improve nerve function in patients with PN which is a critical learning. This further underlines how early screening for PN and timely treatment can help improve quality of life and treatment outcomes”.

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