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Thailand offers innovative packaging for foods and beverages

Thailand’s FDA reinforces the quality of PCR PET plastic resins

PTT Global Chemical Public Company (GC) and ALPLA Group have joined hands with customers and partners to innovate better for the world by creating packaging for food and beverages using 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET (PCR PET) plastic resins under the InnoEco brand, in Thailand.

This initiative aims to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero, or “Net Zero.” ENVICCO, a high-quality food-grade recycled plastic resin production plant, produces these recycled plastic pellets that meet international standards. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Ministry of Public Health has certified the company as the first in Thailand to use recycled plastic for food and beverage packaging due to its unique cleanliness, purity, and contamination-free properties.

GC is ready to distribute InnoEco PCR PET to manufacturers both domestically and internationally on an ongoing basis. GC is also expanding its partnerships with all sectors to participate in the collective journey towards sustainable development.

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