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China-based startup BOTINKIT to launch a new stir-fry kitchen robot

First-ever combination of a visual module, big data, and a new stirring robot arm

BOTINKIT is launching a new generation of commercial intelligent stir-frying robot: P MAX. Compared to the product from the last generation, P MAX will be a breakthrough innovation both in terms of product functions and customer experience.

P MAX has a new intelligent system. Its super algorithm enables P MAX to better understand the process of making different dishes and make adjustment over them, so that it can perform more types of recipes and significantly upgrade the taste of food. P MAX’s newly added visual module can monitor the conditions of food interior and surface during cooking.

It can also upload data while cooking, providing solid data support for future recipe optimisation and food community establishment. In addition, the optimised stirring mechanical arm will accurately execute every cooking instruction issued by P MAX, and use the latest processing chip to ensure accurate temperature control during cooking, which yields to a faster and better cooking process.

Apart from the comprehensive upgrade, P MAX is smaller, easier to be cleaned, and has a fully optimised interaction mode than its predecessor. The first-ever combination of a visual module, big data, and a new stirring robot arm will take the commercial intelligent kitchen robot to a whole new level.

Soon, P MAX will be launched globally. The product is committed to more comprehensive functions and a brand-new customer experience in the field of the intelligent stir-frying robots.

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