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Hey! Chips Won 7 Prestigious International Great Taste Awards

Emily Chu, founder of Hey! Chips, a premium fruit, and vegetable crisps brand, is proud to announce the launch of her brand in Hong Kong. 

Growing up in this metropolitan city, Chu observed how food companies enticed individuals with processed foods rich in indulgent flavours. In her teenage years, she faced health challenges and struggled with asthma and as such, she relied on regular medication to maintain a normal life. It was only after moving to New Zealand in her 20s that she discovered the benefits of consuming clean and natural foods, as nature intended.

Hong Kong is not short of healthy snack options, but few products can compete with the tempting tastes of artificial flavours. To inspire more people to eat healthily, Chu invested $1.2 million HKD and spent 3 years of research to develop a snack with the perfect balance of nutrition and flavour. Hey! Chips was launched in Singapore in 2018 and has sold over 180,000 packs in 2022.

Using NASA’s food preparation method to dehydrate entire slices of fruits and vegetables at low temperature, Hey! Chips can preserve nutrients and reduce oxidation, while giving a delectable crunch. To ensure the purity and simplicity of the snack, Chu adopts direct sourcing by buying fresh ingredients directly from farms. This is a unique characteristic of Hey! Chips as most snacks would source their produce without considering their origins.

Chu is passionate about creating more awareness of Hey! Chips in Hong Kong and would be honoured if media outlets would consider publishing her personal interest story. She believes that her mission and the unique characteristics of Hey! Chips would be highly beneficial to the Hong Kong readers.

Hey! Chips is an award-winning Singaporean brand, known for producing healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable crisps with nothing artificial added. A proud recipient of multiple Great Taste Awards, Hey! Chips is committed to adhere to its high standards in creating a snack that is authentic, healthy, and delicious without cutting any corners.

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