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Enjoy the unique taste of the water town -Tai’erzhuang Daylily and Beef Noodles

The Publicity Department of the CPC Zaozhuang Municipal Committee released a video introducing daylily and beef noodles, one of the most famous food in “the first village in the world” —Tai’erzhuang, in Zaozhuang city, China. 

The taste is pure and refreshing. The smell is thick and full. The aftertaste is long and deep. Al dente noodles colliding with beef stock, with daylily and beef toppings added, the daylily and beef noodles have been the very much beloved food by local people.

The daylily and beef noodles are the must-try for tourists who visit the Tai’erzhuang Ancient City. Tracing its origin, the daylily and beef noodles are the fusion of the food culture of the north and the south as the Grand Canal there promotes the opportunity to integrate the food customs – the northerners love to eat beef, but they don’t plant daylily, while the southerners love eating daylily but dislike beef.

To make one qualified bowl of daylily and beef noodles, you need high-quality roasted daylily, local yellow beef, and the bull bone stock cooked with over 30 kinds of natural plants. Integrating with chili, sesame oil and coriander or small garlic sprouts, you can finally make a bowl of fragrant daylily and beef noodles. It’s said it has a significant therapeutic effect on the spleen and stomach cold and pain. Most of the restaurants in the Tai’erzhuang Ancient City provide this signature food since it represents local specialties.

From this bowl of daylily and beef noodles with fusion flavor of both the north and south, let’s feel the prosperous scenery of thriving business, fishery, and entertainment of past days, and enjoy the unique taste of this water town –Tai’erzhuang.

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