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Azelis opens Regional Competence Centre for Meat and Meat Alternatives in Poland

Azelis proud to announce the inauguration of its Regional Competence Center (RCC) dedicated to meat and meat alternatives in Poznań, Poland. The RCC represents new opportunities to share knowledge and experience in Food & Nutrition with colleagues, customers, and suppliers.

Azelis is a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemical and food ingredients industry present in over 57 countries across the globe with more than 3,000 employees. Our knowledgeable teams of industry, market and technical experts are each dedicated to a specific market within Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. We offer a lateral value chain of complementary products to more than 51,000 customers, supported by 2,300 principal relationships, creating a turnover of €2.8 billion (2021).

The RCC will benefit local as well as regional partners, thanks to Azelis’ modern and sustainable technologies of smoking and browning. These technologies enable Azelis to propose healthier and more efficient ways of adding flavour and colour to meat, meat alternatives, fish, cheese, bakery, and many more finished products. The RCC will allow Azelis to answer to the fast, evolving demands of the market, while safely testing production processes on a smaller scale, eliminating health risks, keeping the full focus on working faster and more effectively.

Radoslaw Krzewski, Business Manager Food & Nutrition at Azelis, said “The RCC features modern equipment, opening new possibilities for Azelis to enhance its suppliers’ concepts, in line with local preferences. The center provides a significant advantage in running small-scale trials representative of customers’ own production processes, who can therefore benefit from the cost effectiveness and shortened time to market that these trials bring. The RCC will create new opportunities for untapped ingredient synergies, allowing the teams to better advise customers and offer them a complete solution through Azelis’ lateral value chain.

”Renata Bugiel, Managing Director Azelis Poland, said “With the RCC for Meat and Meat Alternatives, we have the ambition to become a regional center and support the training of our staff from various countries. This center is another example of the value we bring to our partners and it’s quite unique within Azelis. We pride ourselves on being able to optimize suppliers’ ideas and develop customer intimacy, working together on possible improvements and emerging trends in a safe, quick, and cost-efficient way. We are looking forward to reinforcing existing partnerships and creating new ones.”

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