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Chocomel launches new plant-based variant in Netherlands

Chocomel is now also available in a plant-based variant, meeting the growing demand for plant-based products in the market of Netherlands.

Chocomel Plant-based is a drink made from cashew nut and pea. Chocomel lovers who want to enjoy the chocolatey richness of the original can now enjoy ‘The one and only’ in a plant variant, without compromising on the taste they are used to from Chocomel.

Dustin Woodward, Managing Director FrieslandCampina Netherlands said “We are happy to meet the desire of many consumers who use both dairy and plant-based products. As a food company with a strong core in dairy, we are broadening our offering with our plant-based range. After an intensive testing process, we’ve managed to develop a perfect plant-based formula which delivers the well-known taste of Chocomel. This way, ‘The one and only’ remains familiar to everyone.”

The launch of Chocomel Plant-based is a big step for the brand because of the demands of staying true to the taste people have been used to from ‘The one and only’ since 1936. Chocomel therefore tested drinks based on different plant-based ingredients and submitted them to a taste panel. A base of cashew nut and pea proved to be the right formula: 97% of the taste panel indicated that the product met their high expectations after taste tests.

A varied and balanced diet is important. Which is why in addition to dairy-based products, FrieslandCampina also makes products derived from vegetable ingredients that meet market needs, for both professional use and at home. These products are available via different brands under the FrieslandCampina umbrella. Earlier this year, for example, Friesche Vlag launched Barista Oats, a frothy oat drink made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

Chocomel Plant-based is available from now at Picnic and from mid-October at all supermarkets in the Netherlands.

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