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APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture Officially Launch

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The APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture is a coalition among member companies located in the Asia-Pacific region focusing on producing a wide range of cultivated meat and seafood products.

11 trailblazing cultivated meat and seafood (CMS) ventures – game-changers in the field of cellular agriculture – have jointly formed the coalition: Asia-Pacific Society for Cellular Agriculture (APAC-SCA). The society was formed with the intention of bridging the gap in the ecosystem of the CMS sector across the APAC region; by engaging with consumers, facilitating the development of regulatory frameworks, and advocating for a safe and sustainable future.
The 11 founding members of the society1 share the understanding of the importance of CMS products in
terms of sustainability, human health, food security, and animal ethics and welfare – together they hope to kick-start and harmonize the industry in the APAC region. In a joint statement by the newly appointed
management committee Dr. Sandhya Sriram (President), Group CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder of Shiok
Meats; Mr. Ziliang Yang (Secretary), CEO and Co-founder of CellX; Dr. Jay Hyeongun Jee (Treasurer), CTO and Co-founder of DanaGreen; Mr. Gary Brenner, Director of Market and Corporate Development at Aleph Farms; and Ms. Carrie Chan, CEO and Co-founder of Avant Meats said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture; we hope the society and our coalition will foster a productive and harmonized industry in APAC.

We stand behind the vision of a more sustainable, healthy, and food-secure planet for all, and hope to build long-lasting partnerships with key industry, community, public, and governmental entities in efforts of promoting a brighter future”

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