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Japan develops plant-based eggs made from vegetables

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2foods Plant-Based Omurice uses Ever Egg, a plant-based egg product developed by TWO and Kagome

A plant-based food brand 2foods by TWO Inc. has joined forces with Kagome, a Japanese food manufacturing giant known for its tomato ketchup and vegetable juices, to launch their first collaborative product ‘2foods Plant-Based Omurice’. The new product is made from plant-based eggs called ‘Ever Egg’, a joint-development between the two companies.

TWO and Kagome co-developed Ever Egg using vegetables such as carrots and cannellini beans, also known as white kidney beans, as the main ingredient instead of the more commonly used soybeans.

By implementing a proprietary technology called the vegetable semi-ripening method (patent pending), Ever Egg is able to achieve the soft, fluffy texture similar to omelets made from real eggs. The demi-glace sauce and the chicken fried rice in 2foods Plant-Based Omurice are also made entirely plant-based.

In recent years, the global plant-based foods market has expanded significantly due to a growing interest in environmental sustainability as well as vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Its global market size is estimated to reach 18 trillion yen by 2030. The Japanese market has almost quadrupled in the last ten years (it has grown 3.7 times its size since 2010) on its own, driven mostly by the health benefits of eating low-fat, low-calorie foods.

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